Welcome to parser’s weblog.

I work as a systems librarian employed in an academic library, and until 2012 I was working for a government of Canada departmental library. This blog is not officially associated with my employer – any views expressed are my own.

I rely heavily upon daily feeds for current awareness, trend watching, and informed discussion on technology and other topics in libraries. This weblog will help get some thoughts and topics of interest documented and shared, as well as allow me to more fully engage in some of the conversations that interest me, especially with the community aggregated through Code4Lib. I originally put up parser.ca to use the server for some personal projects, including just having some space to play around with some technology I didn’t use at work. But as many of these hosting services work, they make it pretty easy to get certain services up and running, especially for common applications like WordPress.

Of course, the difficult part is finding the time to post and maintain, so we’ll see how this goes. [Editorial note: ha! only 1 post in 2012!]

Feed option: If you haven’t come across it yet, I’d recommend using Planet Code4Lib’s feed, especially if you’re looking for a general purpose library technology source. That’s were the real good stuff

George Duimovich