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Open access presentation & scientific journals. Free the Facts!

O’Reilly’s Radar cited this presentation in recent blog post.  I agree, it’s a very compelling presentation advocating for open access. Check it out: Dave Gray on the need for open access to scientific journals.

Part of the problem here is the usual marketplace imbalance.  We need to keep pushing, ensuring that our library funds are backed by more consideration for expenditures as values-based investment decisions rather than transactions without investment implications.

CopyCamp 2008

Now here’s something interesting. Billed as An unconference for artists about the Internet and the challenge to copyright,

CopyCamp is a place to meet people making art and making waves, an opportunity to discover how the Internet can work for artists and fans, and a chance to debate the value(s) of copyright with some of the key players…

Looks like some interesting discussion about new business models for creativity and cultural industries, technical protection measures, etc. Despite some big name sponsors, they’ve adopted the increasingly more prevalent “unconference” model.

CopyCamp 2 is scheduled for Apil 29 and 30, 2008 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.