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Top 10 bonkers things about the universe (Marcus Chown)

I subscribe to TV Ontario’s Big Ideas podcast and found this presentation especially interesting.  I must have replayed this one 3 or 4 times already.  Bonkers is right!

Marcus Chown wrote about this in one of last year’s postings from the New Scientist magazine, but this recently became available as a video from a Big Ideas presentation (and as a separate podcast for audio subscribers).

As Chown says: “how much stranger science is than science fiction..”

Link to video.

Open access presentation & scientific journals. Free the Facts!

O’Reilly’s Radar cited this presentation in recent blog post.  I agree, it’s a very compelling presentation advocating for open access. Check it out: Dave Gray on the need for open access to scientific journals.

Part of the problem here is the usual marketplace imbalance.  We need to keep pushing, ensuring that our library funds are backed by more consideration for expenditures as values-based investment decisions rather than transactions without investment implications.